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Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Wed Nov 6 05:20:33 UTC 2013

On 2013-11-05 21:57, Federico Leoni wrote:
> 2013/11/5 Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at>:
>> Hi Federico and Phill, and everybody else who wants to contribute with
>> tips or opinions about the OBI,
>> I have started with the next step(s) developing the OBI. I have done
>> some work already with items 1 and 4 (making and selecting tarballs).
>> --------------------------------------------
>> The current step
>> 1. Make tarball: xz compression by default.
>> Select compression, tarball name, drive in a menu
>> 2. Add in README how to install language properly
>> 3. Move in README mkusb before manual method
>> 4. Select tarball:
>> Make clear what is the standard (and easy) method
>> Own directory for tarballs: /tarballs linked with ~/tarballs
>> Import tarballs via the internet: lynx and/or wget
>> 5. dd-image-file with Lubuntu 13.10 included
>> --------------------------------------------
>> Further in the future
>> 6. Lubuntu-Xubuntu tarball
>> 7. Use prepared partitions (made with gparted) to install tarball and
>> swap. This opens the door to dual boot systems with the OBI.
>> ============================================
>> Please help me evaluate Lynx for importing tarballs!
>> -----
>> Use this manual
>> To download tarballs:
>> 1. Select download with Lynx
>> 2. Repeat the 'Arrow Down' key until you high-light the desired tarball.
>> 3. Press the 'Enter' key
>> 4. Press the 'd' key to download the tarball
>> 5. Press the 'Arrow Down' key to high-light 'Save to disk'
>> 6. Press the 'Enter' key
>> 7. Edit the file name if you wish and press 'Enter' again
>> 8. Press 'q' to quit.
>> 9. Confirm quitting with 'y'
>> -----
>> and run this command
>> lynx
>> Is Lynx easy enough?
>> Or is it necessary to use another system, that is easier to run?
>> - a home-made dedicated system with dialog menus or
>> - to add graphics into the OBI session and run a 'normal browser' to
>> download tarballs or
>> - to set up a torrent system (also add graphics into the OBI session and
>> use a standard torrent client. (I'm using Transmission, but I'm open for
>> other software, for example, is there a good text mode torrent client?)
>> Best regards
>> Nio
> I don't like much Lynx but could be a good solution. A torrent system
> would be the best choice but without browser, and Transmission can
> operate via command line installing the package transmission-daemon
> and using it directly in your script.
> Let me finish some work and I'll look on it. Did you already update
> the OBI dd image and the mkusb script?
> F.
No I did not update anything yet. There are only some new bits and
pieces, no working whole system yet.

Lynx is already there in the OBI (not in the menu system, but you can
use it from the command line). So it should be easy to try. But I
understand that don't like it, because it is not completely intuitive
(alias similar to other tools).

It is possible to build a more user friendly menu system that first
downloads a current md5sums file and then uses information from it to
create a menu to download the tarballs and to check the download


Please tell me more about Transmission via the command line! That might
be the solution :-)

Best regards

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