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Tue Nov 5 23:44:10 UTC 2013

I have experience with BT Sync, and think it could be a good solution.

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About Trasmission, I forgot to say you need transmission-cli package
too to operate via console...

And to create a torrent storage online at full speed... How about this?


2013/11/5 Federico Leoni <effelle at>:
> 2013/11/5 Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at>:
>> Hi Federico and Phill, and everybody else who wants to contribute with
>> tips or opinions about the OBI,
>> I have started with the next step(s) developing the OBI. I have done
>> some work already with items 1 and 4 (making and selecting tarballs).
>> --------------------------------------------
>> The current step
>> 1. Make tarball: xz compression by default.
>> Select compression, tarball name, drive in a menu
>> 2. Add in README how to install language properly
>> 3. Move in README mkusb before manual method
>> 4. Select tarball:
>> Make clear what is the standard (and easy) method
>> Own directory for tarballs: /tarballs linked with ~/tarballs
>> Import tarballs via the internet: lynx and/or wget
>> 5. dd-image-file with Lubuntu 13.10 included
>> --------------------------------------------
>> Further in the future
>> 6. Lubuntu-Xubuntu tarball
>> 7. Use prepared partitions (made with gparted) to install tarball and
>> swap. This opens the door to dual boot systems with the OBI.
>> ============================================
>> Please help me evaluate Lynx for importing tarballs!
>> -----
>> Use this manual
>> To download tarballs:
>> 1. Select download with Lynx
>> 2. Repeat the 'Arrow Down' key until you high-light the desired tarball.
>> 3. Press the 'Enter' key
>> 4. Press the 'd' key to download the tarball
>> 5. Press the 'Arrow Down' key to high-light 'Save to disk'
>> 6. Press the 'Enter' key
>> 7. Edit the file name if you wish and press 'Enter' again
>> 8. Press 'q' to quit.
>> 9. Confirm quitting with 'y'
>> -----
>> and run this command
>> lynx
>> Is Lynx easy enough?
>> Or is it necessary to use another system, that is easier to run?
>> - a home-made dedicated system with dialog menus or
>> - to add graphics into the OBI session and run a 'normal browser' to
>> download tarballs or
>> - to set up a torrent system (also add graphics into the OBI session and
>> use a standard torrent client. (I'm using Transmission, but I'm open for
>> other software, for example, is there a good text mode torrent client?)
>> Best regards
>> Nio
> I don't like much Lynx but could be a good solution. A torrent system
> would be the best choice but without browser, and Transmission can
> operate via command line installing the package transmission-daemon
> and using it directly in your script.
> Let me finish some work and I'll look on it. Did you already update
> the OBI dd image and the mkusb script?
> F.

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