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Dale Visser dale.visser at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 19:26:22 UTC 2013

I have only recently started using Lubuntu as my primary work environment
[1].  I have progressed in the last couple of years from Ubuntu (Unity)
12.04 LTS to  Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 now to Lubuntu 13.10. This latest is due
to my happy experiences with Peppermint 3 [2], and with shipping one demo
as a Lubuntu 13.04 VirtualBox VM.

I am mostly passively lurking on the list, and hope to jump in in on some
of the planning activities for 14.04 LTS.

Thank you for a great distro!

Best regards,
Dale Visser

[1] About my work environment: I do a fair amount of software development,
mostly demonstration prototypes, for the research organization I work for.
I am based in the United States, and my employer's IT department issues us
all Windows 7 Pro machines. I end up doing my software development work
within a VirtualBox VM. While my PC has pretty good specs, I am drawn to
LXDE due to my VirtualBox environment being buggy when turning on 3D
accelaration, so I wanted a desktop environment that doesn't drag down a
system that does not have 3D accelaration.
[2] http://peppermintos.com/ I have it on 3 personal laptops at home. I
believe Peppermint 3 is based off of Lubuntu 12.04.
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