Project Placement: how to get support/help for Lubuntu at the right places

Iberê Fernandes ibere.fernandes at
Fri Nov 1 11:14:55 UTC 2013


I started to show on some of our social media channels different ways to
get a good support/help for Lubuntu.

Why? Too many people asking for help on Facebook and G+ and:
a) not getting the appropriate help;
b) FB and G+ are "walled" places and the knowledge is not spreaded around
the web;
c) there are right places to do and get support but many friends using
Lubuntu are not aware of them.

I'll also post workarounds/tips/tutorials/screencasts and everything to
enhance the Lubuntu user experience.

If you know something cool and you would like to share, drop your idea on
FB or G+.

If you do not like those social media channels, drop an email/suggestion to
lubuntu-users@ and I'll be pleased to share on social media.

Some of the latest shares: OBI installer


Best regards,

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