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Hello Phill,
For older machines which cannot access DVDs or boot from a USB, maintaining Lubuntu on a CD would really be great.
Thanks for the work being done by the Lubuntu team and it's re-spins!

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I forgot about the codecs issue[1]. LXLE has the warning on the web-site about them, but he could still get complained about. Lubuntu is now the only member of the family that still has a CD sized installation ISO. Whilst I fully support such community respins such as LXLE, some computers simply require a CD to install (I have to mention a big thank-you to the release team who got the PPC iso back to CD size, for some of the older macs it really does make a difference to them). As long as there are such community re-spins, we are best concentrating upon keeping lubuntu CD sized and packing into that space all that is new, whilst allowing people to easily add-on what they want.

For example, I've been following a conversation [2], where someone wants to remove the browser, but one of the other applications has a 'depends on' 
Turns out Gecko Media Player, which is essentially a browser plugin, requires a browser but only select browsers will do. So, when you attempt to uninstall Chromium, Gecko's dependencies kick in and it picks another one to get(firefox) and when you uninstall firefox it does the same with epiphany and so on.....uninstall Gecko, no more new installs

What happens if you want to run a system without Internet access? Three out of four of my Windows boxes are run this way. (One of them has run XP for 12 years without a single update.)

So, we have calls from each side! (My answer to them is use lubuntu-core [3] and then add on what they want). 
I hope that what has been posted up in this answer and that by Yorvyk, explains why lubuntu are lubuntu and why we stick to a CD sized ISO.


On 25 May 2013 15:34, Yorvyk <yorvik.ubunto at> wrote:

On 25/05/13 13:52, Phill Whiteside wrote:

Hi Raymund,

short answer? No. The image is kept CD sized so that older machines

without a dvd reader / cannot boot from usb can use it. Once you have

 lubuntu installed, you can install anything you want :) For those

machines that can, there are various community re-spins of lubuntu /

 lxde that do have extra bits which may over load the minimal

specification machine that lubuntu is designed to work on.



On 19 May 2013 00:59, Raymund John Ang <rj_ang at

<mailto:rj_ang at>> wrote:

Hello Lubuntu users,

Are there any plans to increase the ISO image size from a CD to DVD

with tons of application and codec, just like LXLE, for deployment in

older machines?



There are also legal problems associated with some software, that varies

from country to country, which Canonical could be liable for.

I also feel that downloading a DVD size image is a waste of bandwidth if there's only a few things on it that I require. Plus software on the DVD is liable to be out of date after a while so you still have to download the updated version from the repos.




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