Chromium browser vs Google Chrome: security on Lubuntu

Iberê Fernandes ibere.fernandes at
Thu May 23 16:42:02 UTC 2013


Chromium on Lubuntu: are we using an outdated and insecure version of
Chromium browser?

I'm running Lubuntu 12.04 and as per instructions from Lubuntu Docs, i
guess we're supposed to be updated.

As we know Google Chrome has released version 27 while Chromium from Alex
Shkop is at version 25.0.1364.172 and from Ubuntu universe is at

Google Chrome itself says to check Chromium security notices:
"*Security fixes and rewards:*
*Please see the Chromium security
more information."

So, is our stable Chromium insecure/not getting those security updates?

Tks in advance for any clarification!


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