Aere Greenway Aere at
Tue May 21 18:02:27 UTC 2013

On 05/21/2013 08:54 AM, Yorvyk wrote:
> Games, do we need the in Lubuntu and if so which? Personally I see no 
> problem with Ace of Penguin.

It seems that all of the Lubuntu games are some sort of card game. If 
you like card games, that's fine.

I don't pretend to be a majority opinion, but I never have liked card 

I have developed several games which I would be willing to contribute, 
but they need work to make them into something that could be distributed.

One of them (my best), called "Asteroid Battle", could be put in 
finished form without too much work.  But it requires the default Java 
JRE (library) which is i bit 'heavy' for some machines (though it works 
fine on my 450 megahertz 384 meg RAM machine).

The other problem with this, is that I am very busy for this (and the 
next few) months.  But I could have it ready well before October.

This game actually installs using Java web-start (Netx), and works on 
Windows and Mac as well.  I could write a Debian package for it (but I'm 
not very skilled at that, and doing the 'man' page I would have to learn).

In this game, you maneuver your ship in an asteroid field (trying not to 
hit one), trying to maneuver yourself to get shots at ships of the 
opposing fleet.  Your ship is also a member of a fleet, and you must 
avoid damaging ships of your fleet (even in the explosion of an enemy 
ship).  The shots you (and the opponents fire do not penetrate 
asteroids, and the effects of exploding ships are also blocked by 

I have another game (called "Insecter") which could be fairly quickly 
put into 'releasable' condition.

I already have help documents for both games.


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