vUDS and preparation for 13.10

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Mon May 20 17:15:08 UTC 2013

On 2013-05-20 18:36, Nio Wiklund wrote:
> On 2013-05-20 18:20, Tong Sun wrote:
>> On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 10:32 AM, Jonathan Nadeau <j.nadeau at
>> <mailto:j.nadeau at>> wrote:
>>         I would vote against moving from Firefox to Chromium as the
>>         latter does not work with the Orca screen reader.
>>         Fernando
>>     Yes the Orca screen reader doesn't work at all with Chromium.
>> [In risking to be political incorrect] So 95% of people will not be
>> enjoying the most popular Chromium because of the 5% of the people? I'd
>> rather think that if you care about those people, you created a special
>> edition especially for them, with all the normally-optional feature
>> built-in for them out of the box. 
>> Well, apparently being political correct is more important for
>> Ubuntu/LUbuntu. No argument with that. 
>> Not to wage a flaming war, BTW. 
>> Actually, I don't care. I don't care at all because I always make my own
>> picks.
> If you have low memory, Firefox is much better than Chromium-Browser,
> and many Lubuntu users have old computers with low memory.
> (Chromium-Browser just stops with a funny message). I think the balance
> between these two browsers will vary with time.
> But maybe you are writing about Chrome (the proprietary code)?
> Anyway it is easy to install another browser and have two, or remove the
> one you don't like, so it is not really a big issue :-)
I want to make my point clear:

There are several reasons to prefer Firefox:

1. Better support for Orca

2. Better with low RAM

3. Many good plug-ins for security, ad-blocking etc.

I think much more than 5 % of the current Lubuntu users prefer Firefox
and for several reasons. I have no statistics, and if that is necessary
we can check it with a poll.

It's not a big issue for most of us, but I do not agree that "95% of
people will not be enjoying the most popular Chromium because of the 5%
of the people".

By the way, next year *you* or *I* might need Orca. And then suddenly it
is a big issue.

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