[razor-qt] Update for LXDE-Qt - Current Status

Julien Lavergne gilir at ubuntu.com
Sat May 18 16:27:20 UTC 2013

2013/5/16 PCMan <pcman.tw at gmail.com>:
> Besides, I just added a new package "lxde-common-qt" in our git repo.
> This one, of coruse, is a set of default configuration files for the
> new LXDE-Qt flavor of DE.
> After installation of this package, you can select "LXDE-Qt" from your
> display manager or using startlxde-qt command to launch Qt flavor of
> Well, currently it replaces lxpanel gtk+ version with Razor panel.
> The file manager is replaced with PCManFM-Qt.
> Lxsession from the original LXDE is still used.
> The result is quite satisfactory and it DOES NOT use significantly
> more resources than the original gtk+ LXDE. Please try it.
Why not using the existing lxde-common and add a specific Qt session ?
Adding another source will need more work for packagers and

> Another good news is, I just finished a C++ class Xdg::DesktopSettings
> in the source code of Lximage-Qt.
> This is a little module detecting current desktop environment and read
> configuration from different places accordingly.
> In LXDE, Gnome, and XFCE, it reads icon theme name from XSettings.
> In Razor-qt, it reads razor.conf config file and monitor its changes.
> In the future I'll add this to PCManFM-Qt as well, so these LXDE-Qt
> applications can integrate better with Razor-Qt. KDE support is not
> yet added since I've no idea how to do it.
> See the code here.
> http://lxde.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=lxde/lximage-qt;a=blob;f=src/desktopsettings.cpp;h=61351b99f3129ea6046ed9a2430100b151379536;hb=HEAD
> I believed that it's as useful for our friends from Razor or other
> independent projects. If we can add this support to every independent
> Qt program, we can make them blend better with existing DEs.

For your information, I'm working on something similar in lxsession :
it should be able to read and write configuration from razorqt config
files, which will include icon theme.

Julien Lavergne

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