vUDS and preparation for 13.10

Julien Lavergne gilir at
Sun May 12 21:43:43 UTC 2013


vUDS [1] start on Tuesday, and I already registered the usual session
to talk about the next version :
For now, it's scheduled on Tuesday. The topics I would like to discuss are :
Using Alphas for testing in this cycle ?
What to do for the off line documentation ?
Artwork change (if any artwork people are available).
Applications and settings changes for 13.10, which may include :
- Replace Chromium with Firefox
- Remove lxkeymap in favor of the keyboard applet of lxpanel
- Replace lubuntu-software-center with something else (or not)
- Remove xscreensaver, replaced by locking system of lightdm
- Remove ace-of-penguins, and replace it with maybe only 1 game (but a
pretty one).

If you have others topics to add, please add a note on the blueprint.
Note that the discussion may continue after UDS, but we have to decide
for Alpha 1 (June 20 th).

Just a reminder, UDS session is not a conference or a showcase, or a
"1 hour to complain and report bugs", it's a session to organize the
work for the next 6 months. If you are willing to spend some time
working on Lubuntu next cycle, you are welcome.

Julien Lavergne


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