Lubuntu Manual - Getting Started With Lubuntu

Paul Sutton zleap at
Sun May 12 17:59:18 UTC 2013

On 12/05/13 18:53, Yorvyk wrote:
> Anybody up for creating a Lubuntu version of ?
> The team that produce this have made a rather nice job of it and
> produced some useful tools to assist the process. As it's licensed
> under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike we can use those parts
> that are common to both, so there's no need to write all of it.
> Although that shouldn't stop us contributing to those parts.
> I thought we could at least get a beta version for Saucy Salamander,
> with a complete version by May 2014 for the possible LTS version.

Feel free to use any screenshots on my website

On my blog I have put a few how_tos so again feel free to grab what you
want from this, 

I know some LaTeX but am no way an expert

One example could be

and perhaps

I acknowledgfe these are not officially part of the distro, but I think
menu editing is a pretty core tasks sometimes.


While I consider the screen shots I made to be creative commons I am
happy to simply be listed in a contributor list




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