Slowness/Lag Problem - Facebook and Lubuntu 12.10

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Long story short, it has nothing to do with what browser you will use nor
what system will you use, the result will be the same. Prove it? there you


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> Hi,
> I have sent an email two days ago about the same issue (Sub: Facebook &
> Gmail - Slowness Issue) and this email is MORE in depth about what is going
> on with me. This is more specific than the previous email.
> I'm sick and tired of using Facebook on this test machine. However,
> because this is a test machine and because I'd like to share everything
> with my beloved Lubuntu Community, I'm writing and sending this email to
> all of you :)
> I have explained everything on my post above and I'm using my blog because
> it is a great tool to host multiple screenshots and posting a link is much
> better and easier than posting many :)
> A friend of mine has suggested to use 'free' and 'top' because as he
> suggested that gnome-system-monitor is not always accurate. Well, I have
> compared the figures and they are the same. Except the terminal will show
> that in KBs while gnome-system-monitor will show it as MBs :) rather than
> that, they are the same figures.
> What is going on with Failbook?
> As explained on my post on my blog, it is not about how many tabs you have
> opened. I'm now on 3 opened tabs, one of them is Gmail and everything is
> smooth as light as possible.
> Failbook is a nightmare. I don't want people/users to start question
> Lubuntu.
> The notes I have included, again, when zRAM was ON and SWAP OFF. Just a
> reminder :)
> Your thoughts are more than welcome :)
> Thanks!
> --
> *Best Regards,*
> *amjjawad <>*
> *Start Ubuntu<>
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*Best Regards,*
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