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Ali Linx (amjjawad) amjjawad at gmail.com
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Never will be :)
Have a read on my blog, I have explained how to achieve that.

If there will be NO one to step up and create a new flavor for Lubuntu,
anyone can achieve that very very easily. You can do that yourself on a
virtual box.

Read this comment:

Kara Khan <https://www.facebook.com/kara.khan.12> Nice!!!! Ubuntu Minimal +
Lubuntu Minimal = Fantastic GNU/linux

I just tested the Mini installation in a virtual machine and the results
are better than expected, even better to install "debian installer network"
with the parameter "desktop = lxde"

It's what I wanted, a very basic setup to add what I need without any extra
unnecessary. When removing my brand new debian stable, I would put this
simple, stable and hopefully Lubuntu. Thanks again and greetings

This comment from someone who said before that:

Kara Khan <https://www.facebook.com/kara.khan.12> Hello everyone and thank
you for accepting me into this community.

I'm using Linux for over 10 years, *mainly Debian and derivatives. I
currently use debian with lxde 7.0, I decided on LXDE for its lightness,
stability, simplicity and ease of use.*

*My next favorite after Debian distribution is Lubuntu*, although I prefer
Debian because I like to make my Linux from scratch and settle only what I
use, and I think (L) (K) (X) ubuntu are fabulous but some distributions
many more packages, and oriented desktop users who do not want to
complicate life. But that does not make it worse.

Take this opportunity to send a greeting to the whole community!!

If someone will make an ISO of this, you don't need to build the basic
parts yourself, you just need to install whatever you need later after you
install it.
If someone won't step up, then you still can do it. The steps are easy and
result is worthy to have/try/use.

Again, this is NOT for new users. I won't recommend that. This is for
average and advanced users who are experienced enough to deal with such
kind of systems and setups :)
We can't give that to a Windows User for example who just started to use
Linux recently.


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mini lubuntu? sounds like puppy by a different name

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> Dear all,
> As always, my mind is full of thoughts and ideas about Lubuntu. I guess
> I'm Lubuntu Obsessed, addicted and loving it :D
> Check this:
> http://amjjawad.blogspot.com/2013/03/mini-lubuntu-mlubuntu.html
> Thank you :)
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