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LXLE is a nice project. It is an Extra Life Extension and not yet a fully
Linux Distribution.


Lance was talking about Lubuntu whether it is going to be an LTS or not?

If truth to be told and I haven't ever explained that here so I guess it is
time to do it :)

Lubuntu and Ubuntu, both are using exactly the same core system. They are
also using the same repositories.

Lubuntu 12.04 is unofficial LTS version. Why? because it has the same core
of Ubuntu 12.04 which is LTS (Ubuntu).
Having that said, if you have Lubuntu 12.04, the updates for the core
system will be indeed supported for 5 years. HOWEVER, for example, PCManFM,
LXPanel, other LXDE packeges won't.

Now, from my understanding, I guess all parts of the system and
applications must be LTS so we can call that system an LTS and I could be
wrong about this.
Some applications were removed from Ubuntu 12.04 because they thought these
may affect the stability of the system.

Anyway, if someone having Lubuntu 12.04 installed, for me, I will keep it
for 5 years if I can as long as it will get updated with the important

Back to LXLE. I'm one of the supported for this project. Other teammates of
mine are supporting it too. The idea is nice and I'm glad to see some
projects based on Lubuntu :D

If Lubuntu 14.04 is going to be an LTS version, that would be a HUGE
success. NOT only for us as Linux Users, but for others. Please have a read
here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/endofsupport.aspx

Do you know what does it mean? it means there is a great chance for those
XP User to have a new system (2014) which is:
1- Newer
2- Faster
3- Virus Free
4- No need to format, defragement, etc
etc etc etc

AND YES, I'm saying it here loudly and publicly, I will do whatever I'm
capable of to reach to those people and make them use Linux instead of: *"If
your current PC meets the system requirements for Windows 7 or Windows 8,
you can buy Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro from a local retailer
or Microsoft Certified Partner. If your PC does not meet system
requirements, consider purchasing a new business PC with Windows 8 Pro."*
That is not hard to achieve by the way. Spread the word of Lubuntu and
Linux in general and they will come to you, you don't need to go to them :)

My mission is to enlighten the dark world and spread the great infection of
Linux ;)


On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 11:03 PM, Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 2013-03-20 08:07, Lance wrote:
> > 14.04 would be the next LTS so we might want to discuss the possibility
> of pursuing a 3 year (or 30 month) LTS at that time???
> Yes please :-)
> I'm sure you are aware of LXLE. I think it is ambitious (nice looking
> and working well). Will it be possible to keep it as secure and
> up-to-date as an official Ubuntu LTS flavour?
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