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Fri Mar 22 00:34:42 UTC 2013

Hi Ian,

lubuntu 13.04 will be launching with Chromium as the default browser.
Firefox can be installed by anyone who wishes to use it. On the discussion
of memory usage between the slimmed down version Firefox and Chromium, this
will be discussed after 13.04 is released in the ~ 2 week period of
discussion section of what applications we will install by default for
13.10. An announcement will be made and a white board opened along side the
mailing list for people to discuss what we will ship in 13.10.

Lubuntu will seek and test the best options for what browser we use, as we
do with all of all our default applications. I can assure you that the
discussion is lively with people putting their recommendations forward and
look forward to you taking part in this important discussion that will
shape lubuntu 13.10.



On 22 March 2013 00:13, Ian Gilfillan <launchpad at> wrote:

> I know the topic of browser choice comes up often, and has been discussed
> repeatedly in the past.
> However, it appears that these days Firefox memory usage is noticeably
> less than Chromiums, thanks mainly to Mozilla's MemShrink having reduced
> Firefox's memory usage:**
> nnethercote/category/memory-**consumption/<>
> See some recent benchmarks:
> http://myworldthruabrowser.****
> 18-gets-reviewed-and.html<>
> Is Firefox beginning to be a better fit for Lubuntu's aims than Chromium?
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