[Lxde-i18n] Qt port of PCManFM file manager is almost ready for the first alpha release.

gymka gymka at archlinux.lt
Wed Mar 13 12:29:24 UTC 2013

2013.03.13 14:15, PCMan rašė:
> The first formal tarball release is planned.
> If anyone is interested in helping translation, the *.ts files are in
> pcmanfm/translations and libfm-qt/translations dirs.
> (Officially it's not part of the original LXDE, just a Qt port of
> PCManFM and libfm. Translation in Qt is not done with gettext and po
> files.
> You'll need Qt Linguist to edit the *.ts files.)
for translators who has big translation memory and don't has time to
play with another format:
convert .ts to .po with command
$ ts2po libfm-qt_template.ts libfm-qt_template.po
translate, and then convert back to .ts, with command:
$ po2ts libfm-qt_template.po libfm-qt_language_CODE.ts

commands is from app "translate toolkit", i doubt that any translator
don't has installed that toolkit.

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