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Phill Whiteside PhillW at Ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 8 22:53:49 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

We are now approaching a critical part of 13.04. Starting today, 13.04 is
under Feature Freeze (No new applications, or additional (new) features
allowed and ONLY bug fixes are allowed). Whilst there is a system for
exceptions to be allowed in for VERY good reasons, what was built today on
the Raring Iso's is pretty much what the applications will be in 13.04. Our
Head of Dev assures me that we got all the lubuntu ones in on time.
Normally, the ISO's were supposed to be handed over to the Quality /
Testing team on the Friday so we have 7 days to go over them. As per
normal, this didn't happen :) What will not happen is the date of the Beta
1 release date being changed.

So, what can you do to help? Well, all of you good people have actually
already done lubuntu ISO testing. You did that when you installed lubuntu.
Having installed it once, you know how to do it.

Lubuntu has many different ISO's to test, every one of these has to be
fully tested and passed at Beta 1, Beta 2 and the final Release Client. If
we do not have the tests done and passed, they will not be released; this
will mean that those people dependent on them will not have a 13.04
release. You good people can really make a difference. I've now updated the
lubuntu testing area[1] to hold as much up to date information for you as I

However, I must now ask that questions for 13.04 are asked on the
Lubuntu-QA mailing list; there are simply not enough of the more
experienced testers to follow anything but bug-reports and the mailing
list. ** We do NOT bite **. It is a 'roller coaster' ride, especially the
first time (although I still get a buzz when release day comes). You get
the chance to say....
"Hey, I was a part of the team that made that happen"...... Trust me, it's
a good buzz even though most of are very tired by then :)

The Lubuntu 13.04 Beta 1 testing ISO will be created on Monday (evening - I
will update this list). If you still think you do not have experience to
test, please take the weekend to get used to how it all works and get your
name down as a tester and ask questions. It makes a difference even if you
only run one test out of the many needed, just go and test... Once you have
your 1st test under your belt, you'll realise that it is easier than
installing for the first time and I'm sure you will get that nice feeling
of 'Yeah, I helped".

1. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing

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