Make new user sub-folders inherit parent permissions

wes davidson at
Mon Jan 21 12:30:01 UTC 2013

> What I'm now thinking should be the setup:
> 1) Assign /home/user1 as the co-home directory for user2.
> 2) Assign user2 to the user1 group as user2's *primary* group.
> 3) Leave the ownership of /home/user1 as Owner: user1 and Group: user1.  With 
> the /home/user1 permissions such that owner and group can edit, user1 and 
> user2 should then be able to freely create, access and edit everything in 
> /home/user1.
> 4) Delete /home/user2.

in case you are newly creating usern (for n > 1), you can do

  sudo adduser --home /home/user1 --ingroup user1 usern

to achieve (1) and (2) and eliminate the need for (4).

> Is that a good and workable proposed setup?  Is there any obvious 
> consideration I am missing?

one thing that comes to mind is that all these 'usern' will presumably
be sharing the same dotfiles in the user1 home directory, which i
believe are intended to permit each user to customise their
environment to their personal needs and preferences.

this setup will break that per-user configurability.  there may be
workarounds, but the workarounds may be a pita.

are these accounts going to be used by the same meat-user, so to

if so, this might not be a concern for you.  if not, it might not be
the way to go.


ps: i love this topic, btw.  fascinating stuff.

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