Make new user sub-folders inherit parent permissions

John Hupp lubuntu at
Sun Jan 20 01:04:25 UTC 2013

I have two users(user1 and user2), but for a special purpose I want to 
maintain a single store of files in the user1 home directory.

So I added user1 and user2 to the "users" group, and reassigned the 
Group property for /home/user1from "user1" to "users."

I think that change automatically propagated to all the user1 
sub-directories, but I can't remember for sure. It's possible that I 
manually changed the sub-directory permissions, perhaps even before the 
change to /home/user1.

In any case, I thought that permission setup would automatically 
propagate to any new sub-folders, but I just created 
user1/Documents/Documentation, and it has Group: "user1."

Can I configure this for the behavior I'm looking for?
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