New installation failing to take over from old installation

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I am far from an expert on this, but my recent experience seems to
indicate you need to put GRUB on the disk that automatically gets booted

I have often seen the installer recommend putting it on the secondary
drive, which doesn't work. You can't just use what the installer

What you describe suggests that the installation process put your new
GRUB on the other drive, and when you booted, it went to the old GRUB,
which was left untouched on the first drive, but where it pointed was no
longer a system.    

I am guessing on this.   


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Subject: New installation failing to take over from old installation
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I am trying to install a new Lubuntu 12.10 onto a machine here.  It's a
pretty standard sort of desktop machine with nVidia chipset, intel dual
core processor and two 320Gb SATA disk drives.

The installation seems to work with no problems, I tell it to use the
whole of the 'first' SATA disk for the installation and to install grub
on the MBR.

The result though is that the *old* grub (version 1.99) menu appears
offering me the old version of linux (I think it's an 11.10) and, at the
bottom of the boot list the new version.  If I try and boot the new
version it tells me it can't find the kernel and fails to boot.

How can I do a completely clean install, that's what I want to do?

Chris Green

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