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Raymund John Ang rj_ang at
Sun Feb 24 09:06:10 UTC 2013

Dear Lubuntu-users,

Greetings! I am Raymund. I would like to help in the marketing side of Lubuntu, especially branding.

In almost all articles I read about Lubuntu, the distribution is featured as a suitable OS for slow or old hardware. However, I see a much more potential for Lubuntu, not just in the desktop.

IT administrators who wish to migrate to Linux but accustomed to the GUI of Windows server may want a server distribution that is not totally reliant on commandline, thus, having to learn Linux from the ground up.

My proposal is for Lubuntu to be marketed in both fronts  - fast and lightweight desktop workstation and as a Linux production server with GUI. This way, when a company decided to do Linux migration, it would be easier for the IT personnel not accustomed to Linux to work with the Linux environment.

A Lubuntu distribution for servers would have:

(1) games removed
(2) significantly enhanced security
(3) administration and networking utilities added
(4) Basic Ubuntu server installed; tasksel installed by default
(5) long term supported (though understandably hard at the moment because of manpower)

Any members of the Lubuntu team/users also into promoting Lubuntu as production server with GUI?

Best regards,
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