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Ioannis Vranos ioannis.vranos at
Wed Feb 27 01:21:19 UTC 2013

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 1:14 AM, Peter <forpeterssake at> wrote:
> What are your impressions after a couple weeks of use? I'm about to set up a
> linux gaming box, and Steam will be a must-have.
> Is there any advantage to using Ubuntu versus Lubuntu for running Steam? I'd
> rather keep the overhead low, and I like Lubuntu better anyway, but the way
> Valve was talking, I wasn't sure if there were good technical reasons for
> sticking with Ubuntu.

In Lubuntu 12.10, I installed Steam by downloading the .deb from the
Steam web site.

I bought a very cheap game, I played it, it works OK. There is no
advantage of using Ubuntu with Steam, Lubuntu is better in fact.

However I am not really interested in buying games, and the free games
I like, are better than the one I bought, so I uninstalled Steam,
which was a bit tricky.

After installing Steam from its .deb package, it then downloads and
installs the real program in one or more directories (do not remember
how many directories), in your home directory. And it runs from there.

After I uninstalled the .deb package, and deleted that directory(s), I
was still getting a prompt to install Steam, every time I logged in.
So I searched for "steam" and "valve", in /, and found 1-2 files in
apt directories. I erased them, and I stopped getting those prompts to
install Steam.

So its installation is a bit messy, you will have to do some clean up
yourself, if you want to uninstall it completely.

Ioannis Vranos

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