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On 10 February 2013 00:23, Ali Linx (amjjawad) <amjjawad at> wrote:

> I personally haven't been affected by any of this but it seems odd to me
>> anyone would try to make it more difficult to join in. Just because someone
>> isn't active now doesn't mean they won't be able to contribute at a later
>> date. I'm more than happy for you guys to do as you please but I'm a bit
>> perplexed by purposefully removing those who sign up to something of their
>> own accord.
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Jared Norris
> Thank you Jared for your reply and for sharing your opinion :)
> This is a process we used to do in the past. I do remember very well we
> have done this before and I see no harm in doing it yet again. Perhaps I'm
> wrong? but I have sent an email, waited for 13 days and there was NO reply
> whatsoever so if someone can't reply with "Yes, I'm here", then IMHO,
> he/she is really busy/not interested in his/her membership.
> No one said: "Do not do this, this is wrong" for 13 days :) I was 99.9%
> sure I will read this Q 'after' I remove inactive members of the sub-teams
> :)
> Being heavily involved with Lubuntu for the last two years, I guess I know
> those who are active and contributing to the community and those who are
> now. I have accepted their request to join myself in most of the time
> (Phill was accepting the requests too when I'm offline). I have talked to
> 99% of them.
> Removing someone from a sub-team will NOT affect anything but one thing:
> He/She will not be able to receive a direct email from the sub-team mailing
> list.
> We are not pushing people away, we are 'organizing' the sub-teams the way
> it should be. These are moderated teams :)
> This is a general mailing list of Lubuntu where almost every user of
> Lubuntu is subscribed to. Almost everything is being discussed here.
> The Sub-Teams, IMHO, for those who are REALLY serious and willing to
> change the world. It is not a place for just sending a request and being
> accepted and that is all.
> I hope this is clear to everyone now why I have done so which is not new
> process anyway :)
> Finally, before asking and wondering, I would strongly recommend for
> ANYONE and EVERYONE over here to read this:
>    - Group of people willing to help on a specific area.
>    - *Need to be active : It's essential that people of the team are
>    active. It's not necessary to be active on a daily base, but a minimal
>    participation is necessary, so we don't have "ghost members" in the teams.
>    It's better to leave the team temporary if we don't have time on the
>    short-term, and enter it again after.*
>    - Participation can be done by members outside the team: of course,
>    other people can help the team, without the need to be part of the team.
>    For example, you can contribute on some wiki pages without to be part of
>    the team. But, if you want to do more, it's better to enter the team, so
>    you can coordinate with other members.
>    - Free to organize themselves : you can use the wiki, or a specific
>    mailing list, delegate responsibility on 1 member for a specific area or
>    not, nominate a member who will speak at the weekly meeting or not ...
>    - Report to the weekly meeting : Each week, every team should do a
>    report to the other members of the team, share important topics, summit
>    important proposal. They can also report that there is nothing to report.
> Above are the goals and guidelines of the sub-teams :)
> Hope this is fair enough ;)
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> *Best Regards,
> amjjawad*
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The generally accepted way of doing this within Launchpad is to use
features that already exist [0]. You can set time frames (expiry dates) on
membership that users can extend themselves every x amount of time. That
way users still have to acknowledge that they still want to be a part of
the group. This creates less tension with people arbitrarily removing
members that may or may not want to still be part of a team.



Jared Norris
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