Problem installing from alternate CD

Phill Whiteside PhillW at
Thu Feb 7 16:02:28 UTC 2013

Hi Barry,

sorry that you had problems. I'll set up a VM with 256MB RAM and try a
standard alternate install. I've not had problems with guided - use entire
disk, in fact this is my standard choice for when installing. I am assuming
that you are using the 12.04 Lubuntu AMD64 Alternate image. Just to
completely sure, could you please run the CD self check and ensure that a
byte has not escaped / been corrupted from the image on the CD.



On 7 February 2013 15:44, Barry Titterton <titterton.barry at> wrote:

> Hi All,
> This is my first post on the Lubuntu mailing list. I have been using
> Ubuntu for three years but this is my first experience of Lubuntu, and it
> didn't go very well.
> I used to attend a computer club in Derbyshire and had been evangelising
> Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular for over a year. A couple of
> weeks ago a club member asked me to help him install Linux on an elderly
> laptop. The machine in question is a Toshiba S2410-504 with only 256Mb of
> RAM. I decided that this was a good candidate for Lubuntu, and the low RAM
> suggested that I needed the Alternate Install CD. The install went well
> until the very last item when it failed to install GRUB, after this the
> laptop would not boot. I spent several hours trying, and failing, to fix
> this manually. Most of the proposed solutions for a failed GRUB install
> referred to a dual boot situation or required running a live CD but this
> machine really struggled to run the live CD. I did manage to run GParted
> which suggested that the partitioning of the disk was faulty. I had chosen
> the default partitioning option of "Guided. Use whole of the disk.",
> however GParted showed that the partition 'sda' didn't have a mount point
> (should have been '/') and was not flagged as being bootable. I therefore
> repeated the installation but chose a different partition option "Guided.
> Use whole of the disk with LVM". This time the installer gave me feedback
> screens which confirmed what partitions would be created and their size and
> mount points. This feed back was missing from the first install attempt.
> The rest of the install went smoothly, GRUB included, and the laptop booted
> into Lubuntu.
> Does anyone have experience with the Alternate CD?
> Is this unusual behaviour for the Alternate CD?
> Does it need reporting as a bug with the installer?
> This whole episode was rather embarrassing as it happened in front of a
> potential convert to Linux. It could get even more embarrassing as he
> intends to report back to the club members with an account of the
> installation attempt. As a small apology to him I have also invested a few
> pounds in more RAM boosting it from 256 to 768Mb, which has made a big
> improvement in the performance.
> I have two more points to make about my first encounter with Lubuntu:
> Firstly the Alternate CD comes with Chromium as the default browser,
> however my experience showed that Chromium would not work reliably on a
> machine with only 256Mb of RAM. Should the Alternate CD build have a
> lighter weight browser as its default?
> Secondly Lubuntu has the touchpad 'tap to select' feature turned on as the
> default. I could turn this off after installing the software but it made
> using the live CD very difficult indeed: it was so sensitive that, unless I
> was very gentle, when I tried to scroll the curser I would unintentionally
> selected something.
> Both of the above points are merely annoying to an experienced Ubuntu user
> but they could make a bad impression with a brand new user.
> Cheers,
> Barry T.
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