A few Lubuntu Menu things...

Eric Bradshaw ericbradshaw at computers4christians.org
Tue Dec 31 01:11:10 UTC 2013

I would love to have help making/transferring this page on 
wiki.ubuntu.com when the “alphabetic” is finished as it seems that would 
be the best place for it. I have barely a clue on how/where to put it on 
the wiki. Making the 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DerivativeTeam/Derivatives/C4C%20Lubuntu%20ReSpin page 
almost made me bald from pulling my hair out!

Bug reports I found:

E-book viewer has no icon in launcher or application switcher

(and a much older) Calibre LRF Reader has no icon

And I found this bug against LXPanel “wrong size icon in menu” from back 
on 2012-10-19


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