A few Lubuntu Menu things...

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 18:34:15 UTC 2013

The page looks great!
I think it could be nice to have it all on wiki.ubuntu.com so we can
point the other Ubuntu versions to that site, and link a bug to the list.
There may already be open bugs about this specific issue.
I know lmms lost its icon sometime around 10.10, so it could be some
sort of change to the Ubuntu internals that 'broke' some icons.  It
could be related back to a change in Debian, though...

If you need any help doing it (when the time comes) let me know, I'd be
glad to help you make a new page for it (though it is very easy)
By the way, you rock!  This is incredible.  I will poke around in some
of the packages soon and see if my suspicions are correct, and I'll
check this against Debian's list of orphaned/non-maintained packages
It is surprising that Calibre has no icon... that seems to be a very
popular application.

I will try to get an idea of where the major disconnect is here.
As Aere Greenway pointed out some time ago, some applications are
command line only, so I think some small percentage of these *could* be
related to that, but I also think making a desktop file for a non-GUI
app is almost pointless, at least for me.  If I want to use grep, I
wouldn't want to launch it from the applications menu, unless it was
some sort of GUI app.  I'd rather be able to pass arguments to it, and
flip back through the previous commands, use other things in a chain
with it, etc...  Though there may be a small set of programs that might
be useful to run from the menu that are command line only

On 12/30/2013 09:03 AM, Eric Bradshaw wrote:
> E
> E-Book Viewer (no icon)
> Icon=calibre
> EBView
> Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/ebview.xpm
> Edfhed (no icon)
> [Icon line missing completely]
> EDFviewer
> Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/pymca.xpm
> eFTE (no icon)
> Icon=efte
> Elementsinfo
> Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/pymca.xpm
> Email-Reminder (no icon)
> [Icon line missing completely]
> Ember (no icon)
> Icon=ember
> EMBOSS Explorer (no icon)
> Icon=emboss-explorer
> Emerillon (no icon)
> Icon=emerillon
> Emilia Pinball
> Icon=pinball.xpm
> emu8051 (no icon)
> [Icon line missing completely]
> Esperanza (no icon)
> Icon=xmms2
> eToys
> Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/activity-etoys.xpm
> Euler
> Icon=euler-32.xpm
> Evolvotron (no icon)
> [Icon line missing completely]
> ExpoBlending (no icon in menu, but shows on desktop)
> Icon=kipi-expoblending
> I'm working my way (alphabetically) through the Lubuntu Software
> Center as I feel it's the likeliest way new users would install new
> software. I've got it divided into (too) big and no icons on a webpage
> table just because it's easier for me to understand/keep track that
> way - and I figured it might be easier for others. It's currently in
> my own Dropbox Public folder
> [https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4112637/Big-or-No-Icons-in-Lubuntu.html].
> I can certainly put it on my server at computers4christians.org, but
> didn't want to offend, detract, etc. Our C4C Lubuntu ReSpin isn't
> officially connected with Canonical or Lubuntu. I also don't know
> where/how to put it up anywhere else that would be better/more useful
> for folks already working on these or similar issues.
> Eric


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