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See the wallpaper for the new year :)

Happy New Year, Lubuntu :)

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Hi everyone,

StartUbuntu Project wishes you a Very Happy New Year 2014 :)

May all your dreams and wishes come true and hope we achieve our goal with
this project and carry on after that to spread the word of Linux as
StartUbuntu Project will never stop, even after April, 2014 :) we are just
getting started.

As a very simple gift, have a look at:

You can download the full resolution wallpaper :)

I'd like to thank you all for everything so far and let's carry on with
solid steps :)

Also, I'd like to thank my friend and teammates, Rafael, Lubuntu Artwork
Team Leader for all the Artwork he has done for StartUbuntu. Ubuntu
Communities should be proud to have a skilled and talented designer like
Rafael. Many thanks, my good friend :) your hard work is highly appreciated.

Enjoy, have fun and hope we have learned from our mistakes in 2013 and
avoid that in 2014. All the best to all of you!

Linus's birthday was yesterday :)

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad>
Areas of Involvement <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad/AreasOfInvolvement>
My Projects <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad/Projects>
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