Lubuntu 13.10 with a non-pae kernel

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Sat Dec 28 23:27:17 UTC 2013

Phill Whiteside	wrote 6:57pm Dec 27:

> Hi Folks, well you know me I've been working quietly to get a non-pae
> kernel build for lubuntu 13.10 to happen. Lubuntu has done community
> respins in the past. This was a little more difficult as it needed an
> MOTU who is not a kernel person to actually build the kernel and then
> another good guy to make a respin. Please do give a try of
> if this works, we may be able to > expand.,,

Back from Christmas celebration, I have run Joern's non-pae build of
Lubuntu 13.10 live in an IBM Thinkpad T42 without a pae flag. The CPU is
a Pentium M, so it is relevant for that catergory of CPUs (without a pae
flag, but with pae capability).

1. It runs as it should (with zram etc, except that there is only the
guest user, so I cannot run sudo). Anyway it is good as a test, that the
kernel works without a pae flag :-)

(I checked with md5sum that both of you Joern and Phill have uploaded
the same version, the one I tested.)

2. Can *you* try to run it in a computer with a pre Pentium II CPU?
(without PAE capability, so that fake-PAE won't help)

3. Is there some particular feature or program or task, that should be

Best regards

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