Some problems with Grub 2 and logging in

Israel israeldahl at
Sun Dec 22 18:22:26 UTC 2013

Hi thanks for e-mailing us about this.
Do you have the proprietary drivers installed, or are you using the open
source drivers?
I have an ATI Radeon GPU on my notebook and it works just fine.  It
seems odd that nomodeset would cause Xubuntu to work and not Lubuntu...
So, the first thing that will help is giving us a bit more info...
can you post the specific graphics card?
run this command form the ternimal:

 lspci | grep VGA

lspci lists all the pci devices, and grep searches the results for VGA.

We also would benefit from knowing exactly what processor arch and
kernel you are using.

uname -a

will list a lot of info which you can paste in an e-mail, however... so
you can just run

uname -r -p

which will print out the kernel version and processor arch.
I put both in because they are useful to know :)  And you may very well
already know these commands.
Someone on this list may have specific insight (having dealt with this
exact problem), but either way this info will help us to help you better.

And it may be that you simply need to clear your ./config and ./cache,
though I'd suggest backing them up before removing them.
But post your info first to see if there is an issue someone else has
dealt with specifically.

On 12/22/2013 11:30 AM, cozmic chris wrote:
> Hello folks,
> This is my first message to  mailing list.
> my name is Chris,   and I am not a trained developer, designer, etc.
> I've been  using linux desktop environments on PCs, LT and Netbooks
> since 2010. and I have been in love with "open source" since I first
> used  "Open Office" around 2001.
> I have notice something this week,  that I am not sure is a bug:  
> when trying to in install lubuntu 13.10 on an old  Gateway netbook
> with a Radeon Graphics processor I ran in to some initial problems...
> to at least get some graphics (the graphics scramble after a couple 
> minutes) 
> I edited     /etc/default/grub
> line:     GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_Default  I added nomodeset
> after adding  nomodeset       and updating grub and then rebooting
> I could not start the lubuntu session.
> I could start an openbox session
> I installed the xubuntu-desktop and was able to login to the xubuntu
> session,
> but not the lubuntu session.
> I don't know if this is a bug or not but I thought it was worth
> mentioning because  the nomodeset is a good mode for trouble shooting
> a propriety  driver issue in set up.
> thanks.


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