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Israel israeldahl at
Sun Dec 22 01:42:30 UTC 2013

Oh... one kind of unimportant thing, does the "Super" button have the
windows logo, or can it come with something other than that (like a Home
image, or even the Ubuntu or Lubuntu logo)?  I know this isn't a huge

Have you looked into  There is an incredible amount of
epub public domain works available there.  It seems like both Gutenberg
and carry a lot of similar things, though the internet
archive also have other media...
It might simplify your work to access some of their work, and use that
as well, since it is all legal and public domain and most text is
offered  in many formats.

I didn't know any of that about the Atom processor, I will have to look
at some more info on them.

I have never had a SSD, but I have heard a lot of good things about the
boot time and program access time.  The main thing I think it would
benefit is boot time, and I would consider it because the Chromebook is
becoming more popular and boots almost instantly.

Oh... since you are picking the hardware, can you use EFI to boot into
the OS instead of having to use BIOS & GRUB, and go through the multiple
visual changes that occur. Not sure if that is even realistic to
suggest, but since you are so kind and informative :)

Thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions, and being so
patient with us all!!

On 12/21/2013 06:59 PM, Aere Greenway wrote:
> Craig:
> What are the dimensions of the screen (of those machines), in pixels?
> - Aere
> On 12/21/2013 02:58 PM, Craig Morehouse wrote:
>> I am honored by the responses here. Answers to some questions ...
>> Yes, I will have updates and ordering through Jan
>> 31st is my target. Won't be easy, though. There is lots to do.
>> Q: "Will the processor be multi-core?"
>> A: Some will be regular I5 - I7's. The Atom processor combines many
>> functions into the chip itself. Graphics, memory controller and I/O
>> interfaces are integrated. The range of devices available to be is,
>> frankly, overwhelming. I have picked the current to start because it
>> is more rugged than you'd expect a Netbook to be, it has all the
>> standard ports including VGA out, and I think that its having a real
>> 500GB Hd puts it into a different class.
>> Q: Will you offer Solid State drives (possibly as an upgrade? as $300
>>     wouldn't be enough to cover that).
>> A: I am not a big fan of SSD as the primary drive. I see many
>> failures. The technology that looks best is hybrid, using some       
>> flash and the rest mechanical in one package. Those rock and install
>> into the exact drive bay with standard equipment.
>> Q: And finally, what graphics chip are you using... I suppose since you
>> have an Atom processor it will be Intel graphics (which generally works
>> well), basically I am wondering if it will be capable of running higher
>> end 3d graphics
>> A: As above, the graphics controller is integrated into the Atom.
>> Performance with video is very nice. All the multimedia stuff I've
>> run was very smooth. With LXDE the interface snaps. The only thing
>> I've found causing any slowdown is when I have many programs in
>> several categories. If there are, say, 50 programs in Education,
>> there can be a 2 - 3 second delay in opening a cascade window to the
>> right and displaying the contents.
>> Right now, the target market is the USA and base language is English.
>> I don't see why we could not have, say, a French version with as many
>> programs in French as possible and as many French ebooks as I can
>> acquire. There is no particular limit.
>> Let me know what you'd like and I will try to do it.


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