obi 2.1 release candidate - graphical desktop environment

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Fri Dec 20 19:38:13 UTC 2013

Hi again,

In order to make it more convenient to use the advanced OBI level
(introduced in version 1.2), I made a release candidate for version 2.1.

(A. Version 2.0: The underlying operating system is upgraded to Ubuntu
version 13.10)

B. Version 2.1: Lubuntu-desktop is installed and tweaked to create a
graphical desktop environment with desktop icons for the main tasks
during installation with the One Button Installer. See the attached
picture file!

0. Toggle the touchpad (to prevent accidents with laptops and notebooks
because the palm is touching the touchpad and causing unwanted commands).

1. Run Gparted to edit the partitions (preparing for the advanced OBI

2. Run the OBI in a normal lxterminal window

3. Run the OBI is a maximized xterm window with high resolution, in
other words with more lines and columns

The pdf documents of the version 1.2 are still relevant for the usage of
the OBI. But I would recommend a USB 3 pendrive with at least 8 GB (4 GB
is possible, but will soon be full).

See this link


If you test this version 2.1, please let me know what is bad or confusing!

For example,

- if it is important to make it work well with old graphics, maybe I
should use 12.04 LTS as the underlying operating system.

- if it is important to make a really small system. Then Lubuntu Core is
a better alternative than the full Lubuntu.

Best regards

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