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Israel israeldahl at
Wed Dec 18 22:26:21 UTC 2013

Yeah I really like SVG graphics....  I looked into the Lubuntu icons
folder and saw that they are all svg files, so apparently LXDE does
indeed support svg.  SVG has a lot of other great uses, like the web,
and integrating JavaScript directly into the SVG.  If you like SVG art,
you should check out
It might be worth submitting the icon set (once it is finished) to Open
Clip Art as long as it can be released as public domain.
I also might submit a Template, though I think it would be more
appropriate if Rafael submitted it, since he is the resident artist :)

On 12/18/2013 10:33 AM, Andre Rodovalho wrote:
> I'm using an SVG file as icon on my "Lubuntu Start" button. Something
> good about SVG is that you probably won't need to worry about size,
> since it's vetorial..
> 2013/12/18 Israel <israeldahl at <mailto:israeldahl at>>
>     Hey @Rafael Laguna, I am working on some Icons, and I realized it
>     would
>     be REALLY useful if you had a template file for making a box icon
>     on the
> web page.  Also
>     preferred format i.e. PNG files.  Does LXDE support SVG files?  I
>     wouldn't mind simply making them in inkscape and then exporting as
>     a png
>     file if that is better.
>     I have begun working on some of the applications Eric and I have been
>     discussing on this list.
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>     Regards
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