obi 1.2 release candidate

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Mon Dec 16 11:13:39 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

I have realized that many of you who are active at the Lubuntu mail
forums and the Ubuntu Forums need dual- or multi-boot for your linux
distro/flavour. So I have made a release candidate of the One Button
Installer (to become version 1.2), that can do it, not by itself, but
together with gparted.

1 - Edit and create partitions with gparted

2 - Install a tarball with the OBI to partitions, that are selected
automatically or manually.

Basic and advanced OBI level

Most users are recommended to use the *basic* OBI level. This means that
the OBI will install a system from a tarball into a whole device,
typically an internal hard disk drive or a USB 3 pendrive.

In the *advanced* level the OBI will let you select the partitions. It
means that you can install a system from a tarball into two partitions,
one root file partition and one swap partition. This way it is possible
to create a *dual boot* device with an existing (already installed)
operating system. It is also possible to create a separate
*data partition*, that can be used by linux as well as Windows.

The intention with the advanced level is to edit and create partitions
with *Gparted* (booted from a 'regular' boot CD/DVD/USB device). One
partition is labelled 'obi-root' and one (smaller) partition is labelled
'obi-swap'. Such partitions can be identified and selected automatically
in the advanced level, but manual selection is also possible.

You find it here:

If you test the advanced OBI level, please tell me what is bad,
confusing or buggy, so that I can improve it!

Best regards

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