latest chromium-browser using high cpu on any page

Israel israeldahl at
Mon Dec 16 01:27:08 UTC 2013

There is no starting place too small or big, I myself am not really a 
developer yet, either... I am in the process of learning C++ and 
furthering my web dev skills (HTML,CSS,JavaScript), so learning to 
program well is the definite place to start.
Getting involved in small projects is a good way to begin.
The Ubuntu SDK is pretty easy as a place to start making function apps 
with nice interfaces with only needing to know some JavaScript.
I forwarded your message to the list, as I thought it was for the 
list(the subject), but it may have been a personal message... sorry if I 
shouldn't have forwarded it... I didn't realize it until after I 
forwarded it..


>>original message:

   I appreciate your thoughtful responses. I discovered QupZilla when 
playing around with a min install of Ubuntu 12.04 and discovering how 
often I could crash it in the process of building it up. :)  I really 
like QupZilla and think it would be a natural for Lubuntu when moving to 
   As I said, you always have thoughtful responses to queries on the 
lists and I was hoping to ask you what I hope is an easy to answer 
question( I don't intend to intrude).  If I were interested in learning 
how to be a developer is there a starting point or a place to begin? 
This may be a simpleton's question but I am not above admitting 


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