Touchpad and easy programming(?)

Israel israeldahl at
Sun Dec 15 21:05:21 UTC 2013

This should be included somewhere.  Actually there should be a way to 
configure the touchpad in the mouse settings.  So you can turn it off, 
turn touch/click off, and enable/disable horizontal or vertical scrolling.
But hey... at least we have LX* (DE soon to be Qt) for now.
I hope using Qt will make app development easier for people.  Mainly I'd 
like to use QML as you can make simple JavaScript apps for things like 
this.  And the GUI is very simple to make in QML.  There could be a 
Lubuntu QML Theme, like the Ubuntu Theme.  So apps could have the native 
Lubuntu blue/grey theme.

I know qmlscene (or whatever it is called) has to be installed an run 
for apps to display, but is there an alternative to making apps that 
look so nice, so easily?  And also is memory consumption an issue with 
qmlscene?  QML apps run on phones (Ubuntu Touch/Android/Blackberry/maybe 

We all know the developers on this project will be spread thin, so 
anything that would make it easier for us lay-people to make little 
improvements might be worth considering.
What I mean is, I would like there to be a simple language set to work 
with, so the hard part of GUI is made very easy, and the coding can be 
done in scripting languages, with the ability to use languages like C++ 
to do major stuff if it is needed.


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