latest chromium-browser using high cpu on any page

Israel israeldahl at
Sun Dec 15 13:40:54 UTC 2013


I was being excited about QupZilla, not Chromium.
I think the thing to offer the choice of browsers would be the ubiquity
installer.  I have never looked at what makes up ubiquity, so I have no
idea.  I am not even sure what language it was written in.

I don't know what the dev options are for QupZilla, but it might end up
being a nice browser for day-to-day browsing.  I suppose the reality of
switching to it at a later date will be if it is Actively developed, and
has a strong developer community behind (i.e. wont disappear overnight),
though WebKit itself has a strong community of developers, so it should
be fair safe, and offer a good browsing experience.  Also it would need
to be in the official repositories to actually be included, and would
need a lot of testing on a lot of machines.

I was really just excited to have a Qt browser that is fast and has a
lot of features to use on old computers when LXQt comes out one day in
the future (and is fully usable).

@sd you should check out QupZilla, it offers quite a bit.  (Alt+Scroll
Wheel for horizontal scrolling).  Not sure if all the dev options
available would suit you, but it allows for WebKit  plugins.  I just
started trying it out, and am pretty impressed with it so far.  It is a
much nicer alternative to Opera, as Opera is closed source/proprietary.

On 12/14/2013 10:42 PM, Jordan wrote:
> I would hesitate to make Chromium "standard" until the browser is
> demonstrated to be compatible with most popular Chrome plug-ins
> (especially security plugins.)  Sure, Chromium might be a good
> alternative for lower spec machines.  Still many lubuntu users will
> end up removing the Chromium package pronto, as I did with older
> lubuntu releases.  Maybe it'd be better to offer users a choice
> between Chromium and FF.  Can this be done through the software
> center?  I don't use the software center, so I don't know its
> possibilities.
> Jordan
> On 12/14/2013 11:29 PM, Israel wrote:
>> This is simply amazing.  I think this would make an excellent
>> default... but of course I just downloaded it, and configured it.  I
>> will have to do some testing to see what all it can handle, and how
>> fast everything is.  With LXQt coming soon... this would be an
>> excellent addition to the lineup... though I just started using it 5
>> min ago... so this enthusiasm may be premature.
>> On 12/14/2013 08:12 PM, David Yentzen wrote:
>>> I have never used Midori with Lubuntu so cannot comment on it. FF
>>> works well on my Lubuntu machine but I have been using QupZilla
>>> lately. It is very fast, opening in less than 2 secs and page
>>> response it also very fast.  It is lightweight with minimal plug-ins
>>> but does all that I need, you may wish to try it out.  There is a
>>> ppa for it here:
>>> <>
>>> Regards
>>> David
>>> On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 7:56 AM, Israel <israeldahl at
>>> <mailto:israeldahl at>> wrote:
>>>     ubuntu-bug chromium
>>>     should report it just fine.
>>>     I have found Opera runs very fast on my oldest computers, though
>>>     it is
>>>     proprietary.  If you have a REALLY slow computer it makes using the
>>>     internet much more plesant, though I would rather it be free and
>>>     open.
>>>     I did a lot of testing of all the web browsers on that computer,
>>>     before
>>>     I gave it to someone.  I tried Chromium, Firefox, Opera, Dooble,
>>>     Midori,
>>>     Seamonkey (well most of the browsers in the repos, except Konq)
>>>     and all
>>>     of them took +5 Seconds to open.  Firefox took about 1 second
>>>     less than
>>>     Chromium, and Opera took about 2 seconds, pages also responded much
>>>     quicker, than in the others, and if I had a bunch of stuff going it
>>>     wouldn't bog down completely.  Midori was also pretty fast (for
>>>     navigating), but loaded the same as the others.
>>>     If your computer is REALLY slow I'd suggest tryng it out for a more
>>>     pleasant experience.  If not, enjoy Firefox.
>>>     On 12/14/2013 03:06 AM, sd wrote:
>>>     > Hi,
>>>     >
>>>     > since last update of chromium-browser on Lubuntu 13.10 the CPU
>>>     usage
>>>     > is very high with any open page:
>>>     >
>>>     > Version 31.0.1650.63 Ubuntu 13.10
>>>     > (31.0.1650.63-0ubuntu0.13.10.1~20131204.1)
>>>     >
>>>     > Task Manager (lxde)
>>>     >
>>>     > Command User CPU% RSS VM-Size
>>>     > chro root 27% 222.0 MB 1.3 GB
>>>     > chromium-browser user 11% 72.1MB 16777216.0 TB
>>>     >
>>>     > Screenshot
>>>     >
>>>     >
>>>     >
>>>     >
>>>     > It just goes higher and higher if you open any more pages,
>>>     until the
>>>     > system does not respond anymore.
>>>     >
>>>     > I know chromium-browser is not the default browser anymore,
>>>     and I am
>>>     > not sure where to report this issue. Firefox is running ok, so
>>>     I am
>>>     > switching to it atm.
>>>     >
>>>     > Regards, p
>>>     >
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>>>     Regards
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