[Lubuntu-brainstorming] [LXLE] LXLE Paradigm goes final with 12.04.3 update.

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Wed Aug 21 17:09:05 UTC 2013

On 08/21/2013 12:19 AM, Mr Wislr wrote:
> The truth is ali, I refused to let you run the lxle project and this is
> the main reason for your beef. If you can't have influence or control
> over something you want no part of it.
> Those who look for positions of power are the very ones that should
> never have it.
> Your post validates that not only was the project a good idea but that
> you were fully behind it, even though I changed the default
> applications... Nothing has changed with that except you and phill
> personally don't like me and have decided to take it out on a the lxle
> respin which is ridiculous since its lubuntu even if you think it isn't
> lubuntu its still ubuntu and helping to promote the use of the
> operating system.
> The only thing sinister is remarks that are known to be lies like , you
> knew from the begining lxle was a bad idea/project err whatever you
> blogged about.
> now shut it.
> --Ronnie
> P.S. Think of new names for your *buntu projects?

 From my own standpoint, I find that LXLE is a very useful system to have.

My computer I use on my Yamaha high-end synthesizer is a good machine, 
fairly capable, and reasonably fast, but it has been abandoned by Linux 
because they will no longer maintain the graphics handlers they already 
had for it as recently as 12.10.

None of the 13.04 releases (Lubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio) for it now 
properly support its graphics (and as per another stream) I can no 
longer watch flash videos on it.

But (thanks to the flame-war that recently erupted regarding LXLE), I 
looked into it, and installed it on that machine, and everything 
(including my MIDI software and automated install) works perfectly (at 
least until end-of-life of the LXLE 12.04 system).  I will continue to 
use it until its end-of-life.

I could have used UbuntuStudio 12.04, but it has a problem that hampers 
my usage of it too much.

Personally, I would like to thank you for your considerable efforts that 
went into the LXLE re-spin of Lubuntu 12.04, and the attention to detail 
that I see manifest in it.  I think it is a good thing for the world.  
Whether or not it is named this, or that, or has this, or that 'stamp of 
approval', or is owned by whoever, is not that important to me.

It works, and it is very useful to me.  Thanks for your creative 
efforts!  I'm glad I checked it out.


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