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Hi Everyone,

On Sat, Aug 3, 2013 at 6:08 AM, Andre Rodovalho
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> Ali, those numbers only show how much compressed h264 videos are...
> If you have some time and hard disk space, you can play with avconv and
> convert those videos you downloaded with xvid or divx codecs. Only for test
> purposes...

Well, I don't have time for more tests :D I already have lots to do
(Lubuntu, Xubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME) + lots of Doc&Wiki Tasks ( to be done.

However, there is some good news :)

I have moved recently to another place and another city. I was without
internet for 6 days (and still without TV) and just trying to unpack my
stuff step by step. I still connect my test PC to my 32" LCD to watch
Naruto and some Movies whenever possible. This time, I changed a bit of the
setup. I NO LONGER connecting my test PC to the Wireless Network. I'm
connecting directly to my Router. Having that said, I no longer have issues
with slow downloading to videos, etc. However, I still have some problems
whenever I watch online videos on for example.

To overcome this, I'm using a Firefox Extension ( to download Naruto's Eps and the file
size now is not more than 45MB which I get it within maximum 3 mins.

So, I'm watching the Eps now as Local Files instead of Online as I used to.
Not a real solution but I'm sick and tired of the slowness of online videos.

By the way, I'm not using Lubuntu 13.10 right now to watch because of the
Screensaver/Black Screen issue. I'm using WattOS 7.

To summarize all this: Tried Lubuntu 13.10, Xubuntu 12.04, PeppermintoOS 4
and Watt OS 7 and this video issue is happening on all these systems so it
is definitely NOT Lubuntu's Fault. It is the Machine itself even with high
speed internet.

Downloading the videos and watch them locally, as far as I can tell, after
a very long thread of emails for quite some time now, I think it is the
only way which I can't call a solution but it is better than nothing.

Thank you!

*Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
*Best Regards,
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