Gparted missing in installation though present on Live CD

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On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 11:03 PM, John Hupp <lubuntu at> wrote:

> While working on the Live-Lubuntu-with-persistence problem, I found that
> Gparted was present in the Raring Live CD but missing from the Raring
> installation.
> I have a Quantal machine running here also and noticed Gparted missing
> from that installation, too.
> Is this by design?  It means that for some operations users either have to
> master the command line equivalents or load the Live CD.

Hello John and everyone,

Being a long time user here, as far as I can really remember, GParted got
removed from the default applications of an installed system since Ubuntu
10.04. When I asked years ago about that, someone on Ubuntu Forum replied
something similar to:

So, since that time, as far as I know, Ubuntu and its official variants do
not include GParted by default after installation.

No bugs, nothing is wrong here.

Why it is on the Live Session?
Because, some users, me included, like to prepare their partitions before
Also, LiveCD/LiveUSB can be used as a resuce Disc as well so GParted will
come in handy :)

Thank you!

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*Best Regards,
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