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> free to be ruled or not to be ruled.... gotcha
This is preciously how 'You' think about it. That was not the statement I
made :) please, do not put words on my mouth :)

Lubuntu Team has a system that controls how it works:
If you are not aware of such system, please, make sure to be familiar to it
before stating something like "free to be ruled or not to be ruled" :)

That system was found to make life easier for everyone and improve Lubuntu.
Not sure when exactly we have decided to go for Sub-Teams but that was
Julien's idea 2 years ago (maybe?) and we agreed to it. Phill can correct
me if I missed something :)

The Sub-Teams work together for the greater good and we are not hiding
anything, we are just trying to be more organized.

The FUD (,_uncertainty_and_doubt) that
sometimes is going on over here is highly unappreciated :)

Thank you!

*Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
*Best Regards,
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