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Hi Ronnie,

whilst risking the wrath of the technocrats :P Very basically put, to have
a new version of an application added to an existing release involves
something called SRU [1] This means that new versions have to be tested on
the lubuntu+1 (currently 13.10) as working before they can be considered
for inclusion into the already existing releases. So, if you do want to get
a look (and test) the most recent versions of applications, you need to
look at what is hitting the 13.10 area. An example of the use of PPA's and
requests for testing is pcmanfm, which has landed into Saucy [2]. If it is
happy update, then the devs *may* request an SRU for it to added to the
existing releases. The issue here is that it also needs a library upgrade
which may have unintended side effects, things get real complicated real
quick! As you build lxle yourself, you are exempt from such issues but you
should ensure that if, and when, you pull in more recent versions of
applications that they do not go and break something. This particular issue
will, by far and large, vanish when 14.04 is released as it will be
lubuntu's first LTS which will get back-ports of upgrades; a thing made
much easier by the Tech Board dropping the support life of non-LTS's to 9
months. To give a further insight into how the example I've used fares
across the testing release against the stable releases can be seen by the
version numbers each has[3].

I'm sure that someone will correct me if I am factually incorrect on
anything, the above is my understanding of things... I still learn more
exact details about these processes regularly!



On 15 August 2013 22:02, Mr Wislr <contact at> wrote:

> There also seems to be a lubuntu testing ppa, while the updates work,
> they aren't 100%, some things like logging out through the panel and
> such stops working.
> So I guess I was wondering if there is an area
> dedicated to well tested updates...
> be nice if staging was used again, it was a cool area to safely update
> your system a bit, without too much risk.
> --Ronnie

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