Live Disc with Persistence

John Hupp lubuntu at
Sun Aug 11 16:33:20 UTC 2013

I have 4GB and 8GB flash drives currently serving as Live USB drives 
with persistence running Quantal and Saucy.  For the sake of 
troubleshooting the Flash/LightDM-login problems more invasively, I 
would like to make another Live setup with persistence running Raring, 
but I don't have another bigger flash drive on hand.

But I do have several 1GB flash drives.  I tried making a Live USB with 
one of those, setting persistence storage to 100MB (via UNetBootin).  
But when I tried to use it I kept getting no-space-available sorts of 
errors.  So I concluded that 1GB was too small to serve both for the 
Live USB and the persistence storage. True?  (Though I think I observed 
after the fact that UNetBootin had preserved some files and folders that 
were already on the drive, so maybe I just need to try again after 
deleting everything or formatting.)

I then tried to set up a Raring Live DVD with persistence using either a 
flash drive or the internal hard drive, but so far have failed.

In one case I used Gparted (I don't know where I was using that, since I 
don't now find it in the installed version of Raring) to create a single 
ext3 partition labeled casper-rw to serve as the persistence storage, 
but that didn't work for me.

For two other cases I began by running in a terminal:
     dd if-/dev/zero of=casper-rw bs=1M count=768
     mkfs.ext3 -F casper-rw
Then I copied the resulting casper-rw file both to a flash drive and to 
the hard drive, but booting with the Live disc and either of those 
running did not result in successful persistence.

Can anyone see what I was doing wrong?

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