Drag-n-drop not working for me with PCManFM (13.04 fully updated)

Augustine Souza aesouza2008 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 03:44:49 UTC 2013

Hi All,
I can't drag and drop files in PCManFM. I can't do it between folders and I
can't drag files from folders to the desktop and vice versa. For now, I
click on a file and then use ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. If I want to move files, I
first have to copy them, then delete the original.

I can drag stuff from the desktop to a G-Mail compose window so I don't
think there's anything wrong with my mouse.

My system is a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop (Core2Duo, 4 GB RAM).

One thing that may (not) be relevant is that when I installed Lubuntu 13.04
a few days ago, there was a suggestion to update the installer. Since I
didn't know how to do that, I just went ahead with the install from the
LiveUSB which I made after verifying the md5sum. I figured that subsequent
updates which I've done would be just as good.
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