Doc: A guide for porting Gtk+ applications to Qt

PCMan at
Thu Apr 25 05:45:28 UTC 2013

To help people porting their Gtk+ programs to Qt, I just started a
wikipage documenting what I've learned so far.

Currently it provides a long table listing equivalent Qt classes for
commonly used GtkWidget classes. This is useless for experts, but it's
very helpful for Qt beginners who know Gtk+ well.
The mapping is not yet finished, but I'll try to make it complete soon.

Later I'll add more content and documented how to safely mix
glib/gio/GObject code with Qt. How the translation systems differ.
I hope that developers interested in this topic can help edit the wiki
page to make it more complete and free from errors.

It's still a work in progress but I hope it helps someone as more and
more people are using Qt and some more LXDE components might get Qt
ports later.
BTW, since ubuntu guys is moving toward Qt, this also helps them.


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