Lubuntu installation test

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Mon Apr 8 11:10:45 UTC 2013

Hello everybody :-)

This is a short report of a Lubuntu installation from the desktop iso
file (32-bit daily).

The target machine was delivered in April 2008 by a small vendor of
computers with Ubuntu preinstalled. It came with Ubuntu 7.10, but I soon
upgraded to 8.04 LTS. See this link.

During the installation I checked the RAM usage every 5 seconds, and
found that it maxed at 411MB when the language packs were installed and
a little bit later. The RAM usage was above 384MB for quite a while. See
the attached gnumeric file. The logger was the attached one-liner. The
live session found a swap file, and the swappiness is default, so it
swapped around 20 MB (maximum 22) although the installed RAM is 2 GB.

The installed size on the HDD is only around 2GB.

The multimedia performance is great considering it's an on-board nvidia
chip from 2008 and the built-in nouveau driver and also compared to
10.04 LTS and 12.04 LTS. I did not bother to install the proprietary
driver for this test.

I found only the few known bugs. Otherwise the installed system
performed well :-)

Best regards
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rm tmp;echo 'RAM'>tmp;while test 1; do free|grep 'buffers/cache:'|tr -s ' '|cut -f3 -d ' '|sed 's#.*#&/1024#'|bc;sleep 5;done|tee -a tmp

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