HOWTO Create LiveUSB using "dd"

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When you use the package "usb-creator-gtk", it creates for you a file 
system (called a "persistence file") where changes you make (including 
packages you download) remain on the USB drive, so next time you boot 
it, you still have those new packages, along with any configuration you 
did for them.

Using that, I can install all the MIDI music packages I need (and 
configure them), and I end up with a working MIDI music Linux system, 
whose drawback is that it takes longer to boot than it normally would.  
The other drawback of doing this, is that if you download updates, any 
kernel updates will not update the kernel actually used.

I wonder if you use the method you described in your e-mail, that there 
is no persistence file, and so you are (as with the live CD) running 
using a RAM-disk file-system.  If that is the case, it would have the 
same large memory requirements for doing the live-CD install as when 
using a CD.

For testing (I think) it is nice to download a bunch of packages you 
want to test with, and you can test or re-test at a later time.

I have noticed in doing this, that I have to edit the software sources 
to allow "universe" packages.

- Aere

On 04/06/2013 06:11 AM, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> Hi,
> After long time for me using UNetbootin and Multiboot USB Creators, 
> etc. I feel now so bad that I haven't used this method before. Could 
> it be even easier than this?
> Seriously, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication :D
> I'm sorry if this is a very old tip or information but I guess at 
> least, there is someone who doesn't know that, hence I'm sharing it.
> *HOWTO Create LiveUSB using "dd":**
> *
> *sudo dd if=/path-to-the-iso-file/filename.iso of=/dev/sdX
> Where X is your USB Drive*
> End of Story
> Thank you!
> P.S.
> I had to use this method after all the other method failed to create a 
> bootable USB for raring-alternate-i386.iso and this one has worked.
> Hope I'll be able to finish the installation which is in progress now ...
> -- 
> *Best Regards,
> amjjawad*
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