HOWTO Create LiveUSB using "dd"

Ali Linx (amjjawad) amjjawad at
Sat Apr 6 12:11:53 UTC 2013


After long time for me using UNetbootin and Multiboot USB Creators, etc. I
feel now so bad that I haven't used this method before. Could it be even
easier than this?

Seriously, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication :D

I'm sorry if this is a very old tip or information but I guess at least,
there is someone who doesn't know that, hence I'm sharing it.

*HOWTO Create LiveUSB using "dd":**
*sudo dd if=/path-to-the-iso-file/filename.iso of=/dev/sdX

Where X is your USB Drive*

End of Story

Thank you!

I had to use this method after all the other method failed to create a
bootable USB for raring-alternate-i386.iso and this one has worked.

Hope I'll be able to finish the installation which is in progress now ...
*Best Regards,
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