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You are not causing problems or anything at all, at least for me.

I actually have 6 machines. 2 of these are Core i5 with 4GB RAM and Core i5
2nd generation again with 4GB RAM. The old ones, have different hardware
specifications. From P2 with 64MB RAM to P4 with 2GB RAM.
Your guess is correct, Lubuntu IS on each and every machine of mine :)

Being heavily involved with Lubuntu as a Team Leader, Active Contributor,
etc ... enlightened my way and made me understand what is Lubuntu.

If you ask someone: What does Lubuntu mean? or define Lubuntu?
MOST will use "FAST" as the first word of their answers.
Well, for me, it is different story.

I use Lubuntu because:
1- Simple
2- Fast
3- Lightweight on everything
4- Easy
5- Customizable the way I want
6- Based on Ubuntu so it has all the apps I need as of today
7- Can be installed on a very old machine and of course any other machine
8- I just love it
9- It has amazing and great community
10 - Finally, I believe when XP reaches the EOL (End of Life), Lubuntu will
be the prefect solution and I take this responsible to enlighten the world
and hope to reach to as many XP users as I can to explain what does Lubuntu
mean and how it is much better for their old machine.

As for Lubuntu VS Windows?
I have special skills to convince Windows Users about Lubuntu. So don't
worry about that :D

Linux in general, after all, doesn't exist to take over each and every
machine on the world and replace Windows with Linux.
Obviously, that is not the reason why Linux does exist -

I have never seen Windows 8 yet and not interested to :D

If I want to impress someone with Lubuntu? I have a little surprise to him:

Thank you for your observations, opinion, comments and feedback :)

And thank you for choosing and using Lubuntu ;)

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> > Lubuntu is NOT only for old machines. For the last two years, users are
> > starting to use it on their new machines two.
> > I have 4 old machines and 2 new machines. ALL of them have Lubuntu :)
> You should give away the new machines to someone who likes Windows,
> and concentrate on keeping the newest Lubuntu running on the oldest
> machines that are still reliable hardware-wise.
> There is NO dearth of options for new machines.
> While Lubuntu will run very well on them, it will NOT be appreciated
> very much by the owner of a machine that runs Windows8 alright;
> He will only compare Lubuntu with Win8. If you try to impress him,
> Lubuntu will run BADLY or not at all on low-spec hardware whose
> owners will be VERY happy for an OS that operates all their new
> peripherals on old processor at a good speed, REGARDLESS of
> eyecandy & convenience features & specialist software capability.
> I hope I am not causing any irritation to anyone with my comments.
> It is just my observation & opinion.
> BR
> Tracey
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