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Wed Apr 3 17:44:08 UTC 2013

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> From: Aere Greenway

> I use Lubuntu successfully on a 450 megahertz, 512 megabyte RAM, 
> HP-Vectra. It also worked in the past on it when I only had 384 
> megabytes of RAM.
> Yet I use Lubuntu on all of my machines (that are faster and have more 
> RAM) because it's noticeably faster, and easier to do color customization.

Thanks, Aere. I have a few questions for anyone who can answer....

After a bit of struggle to install, Lubuntu 12.x runs on old hardware,
but boot-up is EXCRUCIATINGLY slow. 
With Lubuntu 10.04 it is 17 seconds from power-on; that's FAST !!!
( Win XP 60 seconds, Ubuntu 40s, Arch 25s, Sabayon 95s )

I have no fears about security, because the data is on a USB HDD
which is rarely connected. And I can reinstall Lubuntu in no time.
And who would target Lubuntu ? ( Are there any millionaires here
amongst us ? I guess not. )
But I am afraid any new hardware like printer/ scanner/ camera, etc
will not be recognised/supported by 10.04 and then I'll have to
consider new processor ( when this one is still running like new )
or I should learn to fix my own kernel somewhat like GENTOO Linux.

Before either of those, I will try tweaking Lubuntu. 
Should I try to update drivers in 10.04 or
Should I try to trim 13.x to make it faster ?

WHich is easier & more practical ?

Thanks & BR

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