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Hello Andy,

Thank you for choosing and using Lubuntu and thanks for joining us here :)

Please, feel free to ask whatever you want - Here is a full list of all our
official channels:

Indeed, this is one of the most annoying thing that one needs to deal with
after each installation. Starting from typing my login password to access
my Lubuntu Desktop to typing anything, it is pain in the neck.
However, FOR ME, the solution is quite easy:

Despite the fact this is a power management application, it has fantastic
feature to disable: Touchpad, Bluetooth and something else I forgot what it
is. With other great features of course for power management.

I find this very useful and it does two things in one: Power Management +

Hope this is helpful :)

Should you need anything, please let us/me know :)


On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 5:34 AM, Andrew Diamond <adiamond1978 at>wrote:

> I'm new to this group, so please excuse me if this is the wrong place for
> such a request.  I have used Lubuntu for a few releases now, and I have yet
> to see a graphical interface for enabling or disabling touchpad settings.
> One of the first things I have to do with almost all Lubuntu installs I've
> done, is to hack a .conf file somewhere to disable touchpad clicks, so my
> palm doesn't accidently click something and screw up whatever I have just
> typed.  It's a common request in the forums, but I've yet to see a
> graphical interface for this in Lubuntu.  I would expect to see it under
> mouse/keyboard settings.  Is there any chance of this being included?
> Thank you to everyone in this project, I'm definitely a fan!
> Andy
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